Red River Pharmacy Services

1. Delivery of the Best Products and Services

Red River Pharmacy Services is staffed by (4) licensed nuclear pharmacists with advanced education, training and combined (25) years of experience in the preparation, distribution, and pharmacology of radiopharmaceuticals. We are always available to answer your questions, research requested information, and immediately respond to any problems that may arise. Our products are prepared in a aseptic environment under a laminar air flow hood. Some radiopharmaceutical kits are capable of supporting bacterial growth, so adherence to strict aseptic procedures to assure sterility is very important. To satisfy JCAHO requirements and ACNP quality assurance standards, quality control test results on patient doses are supplied to your department daily. We can make available to your department the most progressive therapies and diagnostic tests in areas that we serve.

Summary: Preparation and procurement of radiopharmaceuticals is our specialty.

2. Maximize Your Efficiency

Red River Pharmacy is designed to allow you to offer your patients the most complete line of the highest quality products available. Our services are designed to maximize your department's overall efficiency and thus, improve your patient satisfaction and profitability.

Dose preparation, labeling, q.c., disposal, and record keeping is performed at the radiopharmacy, so technologists are free to concentrate fully on performing studies and delivering quality patient care.

Invoicing is performed per your specifications thus simplifying your paperwork. Your drug cost per patient is fixed and remains constant even when your patient load changes, so administration may project or budget your costs and revenues much more accurately.

Summary: Our services are designed to provide your patients with the best care and to save you time and money.

3. We Offer Products from Multiple Sources

We offer the widest product line available, we are the exclusive distributor for seven radiopharmaceuticals that your department utilizes, additionally we are the preferred distributor for other products which translates to better pricing. Each manufacturer has products that are unique and a number of new companies with unique products will be entering the nuclear medicine marketplace in the near future. Red River Pharmacy Services serves as a one-call source for all nuclear medicine products and for information about new, existing, and investigational products.

Summary: Utilize our buying advantages to benefit your department by saving money and gaining access to the resources that all manufacturers provide.

4. Dispense Patient Specific Prescriptions

Red River Pharmacy Services's unit dose (single patient) pricing allows you to know exactly what the drug expense will be for each patient. Individual patient prescriptions are invoiced at the end of each month with a summary of your monthly activity. Each individual patient dose comes with a prescription copy that facilitates approval for third party reimbursement for the drug in addition to the procedure. In contrast to you buying the raw materials form a manufacturer and preparing the drugs yourself, the Radiopharmacy dispenses individual prescriptions ready for administration to your patients. Such prescriptions are guaranteed by a licensed pharmacy to meet all required federal and state standards for quality, purity, sterility, and labeling.

Summary: Simplified patient billing documentation to third parties

5. Retrieval of Radioactive Waste

Red River Pharmacy Services retrieves all syringed radiopharmaceutical dose and containers provided to facility.

6. Supports Local Economy and Community

Because Red River Pharmacy Services is a locally owned and operated independent pharmacy, the money you spend stays in your area. When you buy direct from the radiopharmaceutical manufacturers your dollars leave your area forever: but money spent with Red River Pharmacy Services is recycled back into our community and back into you patient's pockets over and over again. Red River Pharmacy Services creates jobs for our area, pays local taxes, supports other local businesses, and sponsors educational seminars and social functions for the benefit of our community.

Summary: Red River Pharmacy Services has vested interest in our community.

7. Compatible Computer Software System

Our in house NMIS/BioDose software system is compatible with all current nuclear medicine software. Thus, we can simplify and ensure quality barcodes are produced in order for you to meet the patient load you desire more comfortably and safely, while eliminating manual entry.

Summary: Decrease your time and mistakes on data entry.

8. Value Added Services

We offer assistance in obtaining CE hours for nuclear technicians.

9. Compliance

Red River Pharmacy Services is a licensed Radiopharmacy which is authorized to distribute radiopharamaceuticals to authorized recipients in the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Summary: We adhere to all compliance issues that arise.